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General Information

Yes, XOX Wallet is issued by XOX Com Sdn Bhd an approved EMI ( eMoney Issuer) under Bank Negara Malaysia 

You may find us listed on the Bank Negara Malaysia website here: https://www.bnm.gov.my/non-bank-e-money-issuers

The XOX Wallet offers three types of e-Wallet size:

  1. Limited Purpose Wallet for special events – RM500 
  2. Blue wallet with a basic wallet size of RM1000, and
  3. Red wallet with RM4,999 wallet size after you upgrade from Blue Wallet by completing the Account Verification (eKYC) process

No, XOX Wallet is a free application. 

Once you have downloaded the XOX Wallet Apps and activated the account, you may:

  1. Pay at XOX Wallet's participating merchants
  2. Peer to peer transfer (XOX Wallet users only) 
  3. Checking and Paying of XOX mobile bills (Please take note the minimum amount to reload/pay XOX bill is RM10)

XOX Wallet is a mobile wallet designed exclusively for XOX subscribers. It provides a more seamless and easy-to-use payment experience and offers higher transaction limits, exclusive deals and discounts, and a one-stop payment solution for all XOX-related transactions.