Get Rewarded with XOX Wallet!

Red is the new Black! 
Switch to XOX Wallet and enjoy up to RM4,999 transaction limit.
Upgrade for free and enjoy 2GB ONEXOX Data Voucher and RM10 BLACK Market Voucher.

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Experience the Future of Digital Payments with XOX wallet

Step into the world of XOX Wallet and discover it for yourself!

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Secure and Hassle-Free Transactions with XOX Wallet

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Advanced Security and Encryption for Your Funds

Your money deserves the best protection, kan? Our advanced encryption technology and 2-step verification ensure your information stays protected kaw-kaw. Plus, our built-in fraud detection feature spots any suspicious transactions. Jangan was-was, we are an approved person by BNM under the FSA to issue eMoney.

Seamless Transactions Anytime, Anywhere

Take advantage of XOX Wallet and enjoy seamless transactions anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re an XOX mobile subscriber or not, also can! Tak kisah which telco you’re using, XOX Wallet empowers you to make payments, transfer funds, pay bills and enjoy a range of exciting features.

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Upgrade for Higher Spending Limits

Upgrade for Higher Spending Limits

Store up to RM4,999 with XOX Wallet and say goodbye to frequent reloads. Enjoy a higher spending limit that suits your vibrant lifestyle. Your wishlist has been waiting, time to make it come true!

Quick QR Scan and Pay for Effortless Shopping

Quick QR Scan and Pay for Effortless Shopping

Malas nak kira-kira? With XOX Wallet, just whip out your phone and scan to pay. Nasi lemak or coffee from your favourite mamak, it’s done with a tap. Setel, just liddat!

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Easy Fund Transfers Among XOX Wallet Users

Easy Fund Transfers Among XOX Wallet Users

Need to send money to a friend or family member? Transfer funds between XOX Wallet users with just a few taps and enjoy the simplicity of transferring money to your loved ones. Sharing is caring!

Simplified Bill Payments and Management

Bills, bills, bills… Jangan takut, XOX Wallet kan ada! No more last-minute searching for that bill. We’ve made it so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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Parental Monitoring

Parental Monitoring

Empower financial literacy through XOX Family Wallet. Monitor your kid’s transactions while they learn how to spend wisely and save through smart budgeting. In case of emergencies, you can always transfer funds to their eWallet instantly.

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Coming Soon

DuitNow for Instant Money Transfers

Soon, you’ll be able to send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere with our DuitNow feature. It’s like having a personal ATM in your pocket, always ready for action.

Choose Your XOX Wallet Size for Customized Convenience

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Compact, yet    
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Bigger and Better
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Up to RM1,000
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Up to RM4,999
Wallet XOX

How to Get Started

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Download the XOX Wallet app by scanning the QR code.

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